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Cancer Yearly Horoscope


- 2023 -

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    You're making new arrangements. Make way for change. At heart, you need independence. Professionally, you're gritting your teeth. A project is delayed. Negotiations are spinning out of control. As for vitality, you're losing energy, and the planets are urging you to slow down to avoid burnout.


    On the right track. Motivation is back, and you're able to find a new organisation. Jupiter limits personal constraints. In your heart, the planets provide you with lovely moments of complicity. On a material level, a project is interesting. Actions are rewarded, and you have every chance of hoping for a change!


    Set a course for new desires! Your initiatives will be cohesive. Sentimentally or professionally, the good news keeps coming. The stars support your every move. If you're a duo, a project is coming to fruition. If you're solo, it's love at first sight. No pressure dear Cancer, this month Saturn will be your ally.


    You'll find the right rhythm. Jupiter opens doors and strengthens your perseverance. Sentimentally, something will click. At work, you decide to put down roots. In your social life, Neptune cements bonds, dialogue becomes more fluid and you rely on compromise. Budget-wise, April augurs well.

  • MAY

    In May, you juggle delays and unforeseen events. Nothing and no one will thwart your plans, and you're determined to achieve your goals. Professionally, you're giving your career a boost and are more ambitious than ever. Sentimentally, for your own well-being, you're ready to let go of negative patterns.

  • JUNE

    Don't give up! You enter June with strength and courage. Saturn is calling you to slow down. You can sniff out opportunities at the right time. Your instincts won't betray you. In love, you decide to move forward step by step, aiming for stability. Professionally, you set your course. You anticipate!

  • JULY

    Whatever the project, you'll receive unfailing support from the planets. Mars in Taurus boosts your ambitions. On a personal level, wisdom is gaining ground. An idea reaches maturity. Sentimentally, Saturn gives structure to your love life, and you take your bearings. Professionally, word-of-mouth is your ticket to the big time.


    A flamboyant summer! Both personally and professionally, you're reorienting yourself, and your ideas and/or projects are coherent. To your great delight, everything flows smoothly. Your open-mindedness widens the field of possibilities. You're creating links at your vacation destination. An encounter will give meaning to your life.


    A thunderous autumn. Ideas take root, the planets give substance to a project. Relational, you're in demand, your presence is sought. Professionally, you're not afraid to show your colours, but you're dragging your feet a little to get back into the swing of things. Heart-wise, September is a month of fulfilment.


    The arrival of the first frosts may weaken your motivation. The beginning of October promises to be emotionally complicated. Risk-taking is less controlled. On a personal level, the fear of abandonment resurfaces. You may be criticised for your possessiveness and excessiveness. Professionally, opinions differ!


    Planetary dissonances create imbalances and drain your energy. Professionally, you lack pragmatism. With your colleagues and/or superiors, your taste for melodrama does you a disservice. Sentimentally, you're in turmoil. A situation makes you vulnerable, and you run the risk of exposing yourself to it.


    The end of the year heralds a slowdown. Saturn offers you the means for introspection. It's time to take stock of your victories and failures. Personally and sentimentally, the planets herald fulfilment. Professionally, you'll be setting new objectives to reach your goal.

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