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Cancer Yearly Horoscope


- 2022 -

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    In love, things should quickly improve following an opening week of the year spent doubting yourself or your relationship. Venus/Neptune will calm you down, even if stress could threaten to get the better of you around the middle of the month. The Mercury/Saturn duo square Uranus triggers arguments... Don't go too far!


    The Venus/Mars duo trine Uranus spices up your love life! Single, a promising encounter should be on the menu! Keep a very close eye on your finances if you don't want your hard work to go to waste. The Sun joining Jupiter and Neptune in Pisces will help you show what a talented person you are. The ball is in your court!


    The Saturn/Uranus dissonance slows a project down. You don't have the money to bring this idea to life, especially with the dissonances between Mars, Venus and Uranus. Have you set the bar too high for yourself? Probably! The Jupiter/Mercury/Venus trio will help you lower your expectations.


    The Mercury/Uranus duo in Taurus urges you to stand up for yourself and brings constructive exchanges your way. From the 16th, Mars teaming up with the Neptune/Jupiter duo in Pisces helps you make the right choices. Follow your intuition! In love, you find the perfect words to charm those around you!

  • MAY

    Venus sulks at you, while Mercury slows your initiatives down and affects your communication. But throwing in the towel isn't an option! Uranus continues to help you believe in yourself, and the Mars/Neptune duo gives your imagination a great boost. You should find creative ways to dodge problems!

  • JUNE

    Jupiter and Mars in Aries cannot stop teasing you! Expect to feel very stressed, especially with the Sun and Mercury in your shadow sector trying their best to dampen your spirits. You're terrified of not being good enough for your bosses or family. On the plus side, Venus/Uranus in Taurus should spice up your sex life this month!

  • JULY

    You're a nervous wreck... With Pluto opposite your sign and dissonant towards Mars, the Sun and Mercury, you feel anxious and/or guilty. Stop worrying about things you haven't done! Around the middle of the month, Neptune trine the Mercury/Sun duo gives you hope and helps you build your confidence back up!


    The planets target your finances! With the Saturn/Sun opposition and its square formed towards Uranus, you're worried about running out of money! Venus and Jupiter help you find ways to boost your income, but encourage you to spend your cash like there's no tomorrow! At least the Mercury/Uranus trine could allow you to sign a lucrative contract...


    Dealing with contradictory influxes is never easy. Trying to keep your finances afloat and not fall out with everyone around you is going to prove exhausting at times this September. But don't worry! The planets will bring you closer to your other half as a reward. If you're single, you could enjoy getting back in touch with an ex of yours...


    You're pretty low on motivation, just like last month. Someone from your past trying to get back in touch with you could unsettle you from an emotional point of view. You're going to find it really hard to get rid of that person... Your finances remain far from ideal. At least Jupiter moving back to Pisces should help you pick yourself back up from the 29th!


    The Mercury/Sun/Venus trio brings passion your way and helps you take your relationship to the next level! But be careful not to become too jealous for your partner's liking as a result. The opposition of Uranus reminds you that perfection doesn't exist! Single, brace yourself for an unforgettable encounter!


    You realize that your relationship, or sentimental life if you're single, is in desperate need of a fresh start. Venus and Uranus encourage you to get rid of some of your old habits and preconceived ideas. Around the 25th, you could meet someone special if you haven't found love yet! At work, avoid confrontation... Especially with your superiors!

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