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Aquarius Yearly Horoscope


- 2023 -

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    Change in the astral sights. On January 1 opportunity follows another, and you feel the need to start new projects. The passage of the Sun in your sign allows you to see things in a new light. An inner change is taking place. Sentimentally, you're making a clean sweep of the past. You start afresh on a healthy footing.


    The Sun in Mars in your sign is a decisive trigger. You're determined to get things moving. Sentimentally, don't expect any great effusions. You need to clarify your expectations. On the business side, you're in the starting blocks. If you're working on a group project, you'll be communicating well.


    You're not standing still, you're more determined than ever. Mercury in Aries reinforces your positions. An opportunity allows you to bounce back. At heart, you're going through a period of doubt. If you're single, make your intentions clear. Professionally, Mars gives you aplomb, your power of persuasion is great!


    Venus in Aries breathes dynamic energy into you. Communication is essential to your relationships. You won't flinch. Both personally and professionally, you're updating your projects. Financially, you're improving the comfort of your life. On the fitness front, you're changing your eating habits. A positive attitude prevails.

  • MAY

    The greatest caution is recommended. Jupiter in Taurus creates a destabilising climate, and no excesses are allowed. If you feel that weariness is gaining ground, take more concrete steps. Professionally, you can make progress, but planetary obstacles will stand in your way to test your resistance.

  • JUNE

    Jupiter in Gemini sets the pace, and you'll have plenty of opportunities to seize. Activities are numerous and varied. In love, you'll need to reconsider. If you're single, you'll be able to take a step back from a complicated situation. At work, a project is getting off the ground, and the planetary situation is bringing you good luck. Go for it!

  • JULY

    The planetary configuration is creating disturbances and delays. Your room for manoeuvre is limited, but the word-of-mouth is working. Financially, a payment extension could be cancelled. At heart, it will be difficult to avoid storms, and you'll have to get to the bottom of them before the situation degenerates.


    Mars and Jupiter will help you realise your ambitions. The planets favour long-term commitments, and this month some nice surprises await you. An unexpected opportunity gives you renewed hope. In your heart, Venus in Leo inspires you. You'll be playing the seduction card to the hilt. In your relationships, tensions are easing.


    You receive exceptional planetary support. In the personal sphere, Mars in Gemini gives you the opportunity to seize your chance. In your heart, you have carte blanche. Venus in Libra cements your relationship. If you're single, a crush could lead to an extraordinary relationship. Professionally, it's time for transformation.


    Professionally, thanks to Jupiter in Gemini, you're consolidating your achievements and positioning yourself. In your heart, under the unfavourable influence of Venus in Scorpio, you'll withdraw into your shell. Solo, you prefer solitude to futile encounters. Financially, you'll give in under pressure. Restraint is called for.


    Mercury in Sagittarius gives you the means to expand your professional network. The social sphere is favoured, you create new friendships and consolidate old ones, exchanges are constructive. On the business side, you're laying the groundwork and exploiting new opportunities. Sentimentally, Venus in Sagittarius offers you a second chance.


    You'll make changes to improve your standard of living. You'll make a commitment come true, but not without difficulty. In relationships, Mercury's retrograde position in Sagittarius favours instability. In your heart, fickleness is in the air, and old demons are resurfacing. Single people are longing for serenity.

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