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Scorpio Monthly Horoscope


- August 2022 -

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  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    A lively month, to say the least. The Mars/Uranus duo in front of you may cause clashes in the professional as well as in the private sphere, especially if you are a couple. Some issues could provoke a need to distance yourself, to come back or to stop there? On your own, you will do everything in your power to seduce and you know how to do it! On the job side, conflict is brewing, relations are more than tense, the atmosphere is electric. However, Mercury announces the signing of a contract!

  • Your love life

    Venus in Cancer until the 11th, and Neptune in Pisces favor romance in all its forms. You make yourself available for a meeting that you wish for with all your heart. You play your magnetism with talent and a false innocence... From the 12th, you make remarkable efforts to seduce, to appear to your advantage and to surpass all others! And it works! In duo, a fed-up could make you slam the door, or even more... The Uranus/Mars duo in front of you provokes a clash...

  • Your career

    If you are on vacation, you will avoid the simmering conflict. If you are at your post, it is likely to break out. Tensions are palpable, the climate is electric. Fortunately, on the 21st, Mars joins Gemini and serenity returns. Mercury, well situated, suggests that you sign a contract, develop projects and coach you in negotiations or transactions that you will carry out successfully. Organized, precise, rigorous, you will not let anything go by!

  • Your finances

    Mercury will help you in your transactions or negotiations. Thanks to your analytical mind, you will leave nothing to chance. Its trine to Uranus gives you innovative solutions, allowing you to get out of a deadend or a difficulty thanks to your remarkable ingenuity. From the 21st, Mars joins the sector and encourages you to make the necessary efforts to review your financial management, to review your savings and investments in order to make them more profitable.

  • Your wellbeing

    The dissonances sent by Saturn and mainly by the Mars/Uranus duo are putting your nerves on edge. You can count on Pluto to strengthen your resistance and help you regenerate. You recover quickly. Moreover, the Sun enters a friendly sign on the 24th bringing you a much needed dose of energy. Take advantage of your free time to soak up the sun (while protecting yourself). Preferably eat fresh products.

  • Your astro-dates

    On the 6th, a magnificent astrological kite offers you its luck, its creativity, its success. It's your turn to play!
    On the 13th, you let yourself daydream, and have a carefree spirit...
    On the 19th, calm your nerves!
    On the 24th, beware of writing or calculation errors!

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