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Leo Monthly Horoscope


- June 2024 -

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  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    From the earliest days of the month, an optimistic glow radiates from the conjunction between the Moon and Mars. Seize it fearlessly to voice your candid and visionary ideas, even in the face of criticism. The sextile between the Sun and Moon around June 11th whispers of gentleness and harmony. Breathe, it's time to rediscover the minutest details of your secret garden or a nearby park in silence, to recharge alone or with company.

  • Your love life

    Such vibrations around June 14th, with the Moon opposing Neptune. The single folk might be tempted by intoxicating flirts, but beware of disillusionment: it would be wiser to favor convivial moments with close friends. For couples, this period may unearth some unsaid matters. Take the time for a calming conversation rather than letting yourself be swept away by the tide of emotions. The end of the month eases these disturbances and offers an opportune time for refocusing.

  • Your career

    Battling doubts at the start of the month? Keep this phrase in mind: fear does not avoid danger. Around June 20th, with the opposition of the Moon and Jupiter, your ambition will be fortified. So dare, seize new opportunities or even consider a significant professional change. Ultimately, no matter how events unfold, you will gain experience and maturity. The end of June brings a thoughtful moment to get organized and focus on essential tasks.

  • Your finances

    The influence of the Moon in opposition to Saturn beckons you to bring order to your family expenditures. Don't despair, this reorganization task is an opportunity to manage your budget more effectively. Consider economical alternatives: why not choose a picnic instead of a restaurant? Your finances would fare better, and your family moments would only become more intimate and friendly. Also, pay attention to the special offers proposed by your local merchants: a good way to save while supporting local commerce.

  • Your wellbeing

    From the earliest days of the month, the dynamic energy of the Moon conjoined with Mars bolsters your confidence. Seize this opportunity to devote some time to your body - an energetic walk, a swim, or even a bit of gardening. Around June 21st, with the Moon-Jupiter opposition, you may find yourself more emotionally sensitive. This is entirely normal! Grant yourself a breather and let sensitivity be your guide to tranquil comfort: a warm bath, reading a good book, or listening to gentle music..

  • Your astro-dates

    On June 4th, confidence is your companion at work, seize the day! June 12th might be marked by challenges in love, remember the significance of conversation. Lastly, on the 30th, your finances could experience a boost. Utilize this period to catch up on early month's expenses and reset the counters to zero. Approach these key days with perspective and caution, all while seizing the opportunities!

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