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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope


- March 2024 -

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  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    The tension wrought by the Moon squaring Mars makes its presence known at the month's onset. Brace yourself for challenges, especially within your interactions with others. Could it be a time to hone your patience? Around March 19th, the Moon opposing Pluto shifts the energy: internal renewal becomes possible, a singular opportunity for you to shed what no longer serves you. Aim for authenticity, it will be your most valuable adviser.

  • Your love life

    In a relationship, Mars compels you to rediscover your partner. Don't wait until the 19th to initiate sincere dialogue. It's time to renew your bond. Single? Seize the month to nurture relationships that truly matter. Your circle of friends will appreciate your attentiveness. The Moon squaring Mars in the beginning will inject a dose of intensity in your interactions: share stories, show interest in others. A slight spike in tension around the 15th. Be patient and understanding.

  • Your career

    Your productivity is on the rise, but don't rest on your laurels. Come mid-March, the Moon-Pluto opposition offers an opportunity to develop new skills: grab it! Be cautious not to burn the candle at both ends. Around the 28th, a bit of turbulence could jeopardize some projects. Stay professional and flexible in your communication. By month's end, a lull will afford you time to fine-tune your personal strategies. Good work always pays off!

  • Your finances

    As spring begins to unfold, why not invest in your comfort? Refresh your wardrobe, beautify your surroundings. Come mid-March, the Moon-Pluto opposition nudges you towards making substantial purchases. What if this expenditure turned into an investment? Consider the energy savings if you replace your old appliances! Exercise caution, however, towards the end of the month, minor setbacks are possible. Manage your resources wisely, and they will yield returns, as long as you remain attentive to the balance between money coming in and going out!

  • Your wellbeing

    This month is defined by your contrasting energies. With the Moon squaring Mars at the beginning of the month, you might feel tense. Why not adjust your diet or incorporate a sport routine to dispel this stress? Mid-month, the subtle opposition between the Moon and Pluto gently beckons for an internal letting go. A renewal that also involves the physical: detox, restorative sleep, and so on. The end of the month is gentler, with a beautiful planetary environment: recharge yourself in nature, she will be your finest nurse!

  • Your astro-dates

    March 1st is trying, perhaps the time to patiently embrace what comes next. On March 19th, a gust of liberty sweeps across your structures, a potent and unusual sensation will mark this day. Around the 28th, beware of misunderstandings. Communicate clearly to steer clear of unnecessary tensions. Despite an emotional roller coaster, you possess all the tools to wisely traverse this turbulent month.

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