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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope


- May 2022 -

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  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    Supported by Jupiter from the 11th, your relationship sector will be at its top level, as well as your desire to undertake. The great benefactor will boost your business and your self-confidence (be careful not to get a big head!). With Saturn in your sign, you should be able to keep a certain restraint. Mercury, in retrograde, will generate some setbacks and Uranus will raise some family or professional issues. In terms of your love life, Venus in Aries wants to conquer!

  • Your love life

    Venus and Jupiter stimulate your conquering mind. Aries receiving this instills audacity, energy and the desire to win. You will seduce without question, flirting will be your preference! However, with Saturn in your walls, you'll want what you're experiencing to last... As a couple, you'll revive your relationship by giving priority to the pleasures of life. You're in love with each other and you're enjoying the daily happiness of your union. What more could you ask for?

  • Your career

    Thank Jupiter who will boost your business, your relationships and your confidence. Saturn strengthens your position and gives you the means to temper and accept the few annoyances linked to the retrograde Mercury. On the whole, your professional life satisfies you, you feel capable of carrying out the projects you have set for yourself, invested with a new power and an inner strength that does not weaken!

  • Your finances

    With Neptune and Mars in the sector, beware of bad deals, fake bargains and scams! It is not impossible that someone will try to abuse your trust... Be suspicious and get advice in case of important financial operations. Fortunately, Saturn in your sign helps you to keep your sense of discernment. You will take the time to think things over, which will prevent you from making a mistake you regret. Don't rush into anything!

  • Your wellbeing

    Thanks to Jupiter and Mars you feel invigorated! These stars bring you energy, morale and dynamism. However, you will have a tendency to overdo things, not listening to your body's warnings. You're on a roll and you think that nothing can stop you. Except that if you don't measure your efforts in a more intelligent and responsible way, you risk some trouble. Insomnia, nervousness prevent you from recovering. Slow down!

  • Your astro-dates

    Week of 1st to 8th: On the 3rd, you will feel very nervous!
    Week of the 9th to the 15th: On the 13th, don't play with the feelings of others!
    Week of the 16th to the 22nd: On the 22nd, you will manage to control your impulsiveness.
    Week of the 23rd to the 31st: On the 30th, do you want to enlarge your family?

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