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Aquarius Monthly Horoscope


- April 2022 -

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  • Monthly vibe

  • Your month

    Your sign welcomes Saturn, and Mars until the 15th, which form a welcome conjunction to strengthen your actions, consolidate your position and give you the will to work in the financial field, a priority in April and even more so 16th onward. In terms of your love life, Venus places you in emotional demand. You appreciate the romantic atmosphere which contrasts with your usual detachment and tendency to analyze everything. You decide to go with the flow! Just go with it!

  • Your love life

    In an unusual manner, you will really demand affection, proofs... You will feel more romantic, ready to do anything to satisfy your partner. You will forget your tendency to intellectualize your love affairs, to analyze the whys and wherefores. Venus encourages you to let go of your feelings, to demonstrate the depth of your feelings. Singletons, the sextile between Venus and Mercury/Uranus around the 18th could herald a nice surprise. Keep your eyes open!

  • Your career

    The Mars/Saturn duo in your sign reinforces your determination and confidence in your abilities. During the first two weeks, you will have a lot of work to do, your seriousness and rigor will be your best assets to keep up. Then, the financial field will represent the priority of your steps and other actions. You have money to recover or you are waiting for results and you will do your utmost to win your case. Your instincts will guide you, listen to them!

  • Your finances

    The financial field is the most active this month. The many planets in this area are asking you to mobilize to get your money back, to get satisfaction in your various endeavors and requests. You could be chosen as the leader for a common gift. It will be up to you to collect the funds. On a more personal level, your budget will need to be revised downwards, as you'll tend to be spendthrift.

  • Your wellbeing

    Sun provides you with the necessary energy to carry out your tasks without any issues. In addition, Neptune, Venus, Mars and Jupiter, in turn, help you take control of your lifestyle and get rid of bad habits. You will feel in great shape thanks to Mars in your sign during the first two weeks. You'll need to work out physically. Afterwards, you will focus more on relaxing, cultural or manual activities. However, avoid aquatic activities.

  • Your astro-dates

    Week of the 1st to the 10th: On the 6th, a message makes you feel happy!
    Week of the 11th to the 17th: On the 15th, you really wish to travel!
    Week of the 18 to 24: On the 19th, you can't stand still, try to calm down...
    Week of the 25 to 30: On the 25th, you feel demotivated, pull yourself together!

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