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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- January 15th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You and your partner agree on pretty much everything so you can relax and enjoy the ride, safe in the knowledge that your future projects are well underway. The Jupiter-Mercury conjunction is helping you to iron out some minor kinks in your relationship and start building solid foundations for your future together.


    Your soulmate is just around the corner and the chances are that you've already crossed paths last year without thinking anything of it. Cast your mind back to a night out with pals or a Christmas party and you'll soon see who the stars are referring to. Dear Virgo, there is little to no chance of you still being single by the end of the month.

    Sexy tip

    Blindfold your partner to give him the night of his life... Take control, your partner enjoys that. Everyone's happy!


    What's gotten into you at work today? You'll fly off the handle at the first opportunity and it won't be long until your colleagues start talking about you behind your back. You're not in the mood for company and will steer clear of teamwork at all costs.

    Your finances

    Your career has been evolving nicely recently and the same goes for your pay check. You've taken on a great deal of responsibility so it's only fair that you're paid accordingly. Your investments are also in good shape so there's plenty to smile about.

    Your lucky number




    If a friend has low self confidence then you'll make it your mission to give them a boost today. They'll feel miles better after hearing your words of praise.


    You'll make it your mission to iron out those kinks in your home life today and get your little clan back on the right track. Life is too short to be wasted arguing.

    Your saying

    « Those who are too hasty will move backwards even more quickly » Mencius


    Jupiter has got your back and is helping your energy levels to stay sky high. You'll be bouncing off the walls all day long.

    Your color

    Warm and luminous, buttercup yellow sprinkled on your tops will brighten up your appearance.

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