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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- August 16th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The Neptune/Moon trine boosts your intuition, which will help you divine your partner's moods. You feel good and want to share this well-being. You're putting luck on your side. The results will be wonderful.


    The folly of grandeur may have gotten to you. You're so persuasive you feel like you could change the world. Blame Jupiter for this irrational spirit. Try to regain your sense of the rational.

    Sexy tip

    Take control but make him feel like he's the one in charge. Get out of your comfort zone, have sex in unusual places to spice things up.


    With the Mercury/Sun conjunction, you're probably having some doubts about your professional life in particular. You're seeing clearly, and you're especially empathetic.

    Your finances

    Between Neptune's and Jupiter's transits, you seem light years away from anything related to the vicissitudes of material life. You don't want to deal with these problems, which is rare for you - usually you want to deal with whatever comes your way.

    Your lucky number




    Your friends might drag you along in some of their utopian schemes. Think hard before you get carried away.


    Avoid eating too much this Sunday. You're overdoing it left and right, food included.

    Your saying

    "A slip of the tongue does more damage than a trip of the foot." African proverb


    Your nonchalance might trouble your rationality.

    Your color

    Dark and deep, charcoal-gray is the perfect mix between and elegant gray and a plain black.

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