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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- July 18th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You and your partner want a quiet day. You're happy with where your relationship is at the minute. You could look for ways to move your union to the next level! Having a baby could be the next logical step... Talk about it in the evening. Take your time, the planets in Capricorn help you build something strong with a reliable and responsible lover.


    Your friends introduce you to a lot of new faces! A complete stranger could leave you speechless this Saturday... But be very careful not to idolize someone who's not as special as you think! A serious relationship isn't in the cards yet, but a casual affair cannot be ruled out... Only if that's what you want! The problem is that your new crush may not actually be available...

    Sexy tip

    Dress to impress, you will easily grab his attention today. Break your routine, don't be afraid or shy to bring your fantasies to life!


    You need a break following a tiring week. Your hard work isn't getting the recognition it deserves. How could you show your superiors what you're really capable of? Ask someone close to you for advice. You hate your routine, but handing in your resignation wouldn't be a good idea.

    Your finances

    You love spending a lot of money on quality products and luxury items! Try to remove anything you don't need from your basket before you reach checkout! You're literally addicted to buying new decorative items for your home...

    Your lucky number




    Ask yourself the right questions. Why do you not feel the same for some of your friends as before? You strangely feel guilty for the way you behaved with those people...


    You're great at saying it how it is. You could help a relative get their career back on the right track. Your support gives them a great psychological boost.

    Your saying

    "One must be very wise or extremely stubborn to never change the way he thinks." Chinese proverb


    Have a good night's sleep! It'll do you a world of good. Resting and relaxing is important as far as your wellbeing is concerned.

    Your color

    Ash, steel or mouse, gray is THE color in fashion these days!

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