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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- April 18th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You are advised to prepare yourself for a battle of the egos in your relationship today. You're both too proud to back down and apologize and have chosen to give each other the silent treatment instead. These childish games will get you nowhere so it's time to swallow your pride and agree to disagree instead. You can't have the final say every time.


    Your bad moods are having a knock-on effect on your love life so try to pick yourself up and brush yourself down today. You'll feel miles better after a day of fun with your nearest and dearest so try to resist the temptation to spend yet another day by yourself on the couch. Your love life may be on hold but that doesn't mean your social life has to be on hold as well.

    Sexy tip

    Turn him on by explaining him in details what he's in for tonight! Surprise your other half by asking him to switch roles for a change.


    The arrival of Venus is your professional sector indicates that you're about to surpass yourself at work. The only fly in the ointment is that you'll have to step on your colleagues' toes in order to stay ahead of the game. It's swings and roundabouts...

    Your finances

    If you work in sales or marketing then your spending power is about to double overnight. Business is thriving and you've been busy creating new contacts and sweet talking new clients. The results are clear to see in your bank account!

    Your lucky number




    Today is not a great day in the history of your friendships. Your ego has taken center stage and your pals are avoiding you like the plague as a result.


    Mercury is improving your communication skills and helping you to control your temper. It won't be easy but you'll just about succeed.

    Your saying

    « It's good to have something for yourself in order to give it away » Paul Claudel


    Your thoughts are all over the place and you're not your usual self. An early night will have you feeling refreshed in the morning.

    Your color

    Fuchsia magenta will be the ideal color to spice up your skin complexion!

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