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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- January 19th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The vibrations of the Moon in Scorpio are zapping you of your self-esteem and causing you to act irrationally with your other half. You're seeking reassurance from your loved one but you're going about it in all the wrong ways. Fortunately your partner can see right through you and will go out of their way to shower you with affection today.


    Despite what you may think, Venus actually has your back today when it comes to your love life. The planet of love is just trying to make you see the error of your ways as it doesn't want you to get your heart broken. Try to see beyond the physical attraction and accept that this person just isn't right for you in the long term. It's better to be safe than sorry.

    Sexy tip

    A quick afternoon 'nap' will allow you to fulfill your desires without anyone noticing! Be as gentle as you can...


    You're finding it hard to stick to the rulebook and you wish your boss would give you more freedom in your choices. Don't be tempted to go behind their back and cut corners as you it could come back to bite you on the butt when it all goes pear-shaped.

    Your finances

    Your personal life may be on the up but your finances are on a slippery slope downwards. You're failing to see the reality of your situation and are continuing to make matters worse rather than make amends. You can't put it off forever though...

    Your lucky number




    Your friends have been blowing hot and cold with you recently and it's starting to get you down. You're in this for the long-haul but they don't appear to feel the same way.


    You'll follow your parents' advice to the letter today and, needless to say, you won't regret it. Once again, they've hit the nail right on the head!

    Your saying

    « It's better to live imprisoned with the one you love than free with the one you hate » Persian saying


    The planets in Capricorn are giving you nerves of steel and helping you to navigate your way through this difficult day. Good news!

    Your color

    Use jet-black dye for bright and shiny looking hair.

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