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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- October 17th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your relationship is going from strength to strength and you've even been enjoying some fun between the sheets with your loved one today. There is certainly no lack of passion between you and you have every faith that this love story will go the distance. You're closer than ever before and can't keep your hands off of each other. Dear Virgo, it sounds like paradise!


    You'll meet a sexy Scorpio today and it will feel like you've known each other in a past life. You'll feel completely relaxed in each other's company and will have no qualms in speaking your mind and pouring out your heart to them. You won't count your chickens before they hatch but you have a sneaky suspicion that this could be the real deal...

    Sexy tip

    A romantic night with your partner, are you in? Give the Lotus position a try... Amongst others! Explore new sexual horizons with your other half.


    You're busy making a name for yourself in the industry and you know it won't be long until some exciting new doors open for your career. If you work in media or journalism then make sure you get out and about and mix in the right circles. It more about who you know than what you know!

    Your finances

    Your generous nature is one of your virtues but it's also one of your downfalls. You like to give money to charity and spoil your loved ones with gifts and fancy restaurants but the downside is that you may not have enough to pay your rent at the end of the month. Oh dear...

    Your lucky number




    You've decided to make some changes for the better in your social life. Less social media and more meeting up one to one with your closest pals. Good on you!


    You have an axe to grind with a family member and you'll make no secret of that today. The good news is that you'll settle your differences within the space of a few hours.

    Your saying

    "People who love either don't doubt anything, or doubt everything." Honoré de Balzac


    Jupiter is to thank for your high energy levels and glass-half-full approach to life. You're back in the driving seat at long last!

    Your color

    A mix between raspberry and mauve, garnet red warms up all of your accessories, from rings to headbands.

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