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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- September 30th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You try hard, but you really cannot understand why your partner is acting so strange lately... It's like they're a completely different person! You two have a lot less in common than you used to. Some of your other half's decisions are making you feel uncomfortable. You can't really pinpoint why yet, but you feel like your relationship could be in danger of running out of steam...


    You're sensible enough to know that dating someone you have very little in common with rarely ends well... You and your latest fling barely have anything to talk about! You're never going to settle down with that person, that's pretty obvious to everyone... Apart from them! They don't seem to mind not being your usual type at all.

    Sexy tip

    Smear chocolate on his erogenous body parts and lick it off... Epicurean by nature, you very rarely refuse to enjoy the good things in life.


    You don't mind working overtime, as long as you get paid for it! Running out of money is one of your biggest worries in life. Some of your colleagues could become jealous of your success in the workplace... Try not to pay attention to what they say about you.

    Your finances

    Your life isn't exactly stress-free at the minute, but at least your finances are nothing to worry about... Finding ways to give your bank balance a boost will not fail to put a smile back on your face on this final day of the month. Roll on October!

    Your lucky number




    You avoid drama like the plague. That's why you always refuse to choose sides... It's not your fault if your friends are arguing among themselves!


    You will ask your entire family for help today. You cannot carry on taking care of this elderly relative alone! But S.O.S will remain ignored...

    Your saying

    "The biggest conqueror is he who can win without fighting." Chinese proverb


    You feel like staying in bed all day... Fortunately, Mars will force you to wake up, have a shower, get dressed and do something productive with your Monday.

    Your color

    As far as make-up goes, dark skins can get away with wearing almost every color known to man!

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