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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- September 28th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your relationship has seen better days. You will find it hard to express your feelings today. You'll spend a lot more time talking about whose turn it is to cook or clean the house than reminding your partner how much they mean to you. Sure, that's part of life... But come on! Try to make your other half feel a little bit special every now and then, okay?


    You keep making the same mistakes... You have the choice between two potential lovers, and you will pick the one you seem to have the most in common with. The problem is, he or she is yet another serial liar who's only interested in having sex with you! And don't even think about getting in touch with your second choice once you realize your mistake... They've already blocked you!

    Sexy tip

    Whisper sensual and sexual words into his ear... Be romantic one second and crude the next! Words have a bigger impact that you can even imagine!


    You're ready to step up a gear or two in the workplace, but you cannot be in more than one place at a time. Putting you under an insane amount of pressure will not achieve anything... It's not your fault if the company you work for is understaffed!

    Your finances

    You will find the right balance between saving up and enjoying what life has to offer. You never splash the cash on things you don't need, and you're more than happy to live within your means. Not running out of money is your only goal in this domain!

    Your lucky number




    One of your so-called friends could reveal their true colors today... You feel so stupid for trusting the wrong person! Learn from your mistakes.


    You cannot always please everyone. Situations out of your control could upset some of the people in your family. It's not your fault, my Virgo friend!

    Your saying

    "The best of tomorrows doesn't bring yesterday back." Chinese proverb


    Try not to pay too much attention to your body's little warning signs. You could convince yourself that there's something drastically wrong with you...

    Your color

    Auburn highlights are very trendy on brown hair these days!

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