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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- September 24th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your partner loves you at least as much as you love them. You couldn't be happier right now, my Virgo friend! Your relationship is idyllic, and both you and your other half have complete faith in each other. You're convinced that you've found the love of your life, there's absolutely no doubt about it. It's time to move your union to the next level...


    Venus in Libra could introduce you to a beautiful stranger, bring you closer to an existing friend or encourage an ex who you still have feelings for to get back in touch with you. With the combined help of the Sun and Mercury, you and that person will literally not stop messaging each other today! You'll like them so much could even decide to stop replying to other flings...

    Sexy tip

    Listen to his needs and desires. Success guaranteed! However, don't bring your fantasies to life: you could regret it.


    You're beginning to feel slightly overwhelmed in this domain. Your superiors put you under far too much pressure on a daily basis! You find it very hard to keep up with what is expected of you... And your little mistakes never go unnoticed!

    Your finances

    With the arrival of the Sun in your financial sky, you could decide to apply for a loan, a mortgage or a scholarship. Some of you will file lawsuit against a company or individuals owing them money. You will fight tooth and nail to get what you're entitled to!

    Your lucky number




    Some of your friends aren't exactly honest with you at the minute... It won't take you too long to understand what their true intentions are!


    You won't have much time to see your family today. You're really sad about it, but you're simply far too busy trying to live up to your professional responsibilities!

    Your saying

    "When we disarm internally, we create conditions for external disarmament. The only guarantee of inner peace." Dalai Lama


    Working yourself into the ground isn't healthy. Take a break if you want to start feeling your best again anytime soon.

    Your color

    Give yourself naiad eyes by wearing slightly turquoise aqua-blue eye shadow.

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