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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- July 21st, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    With Moon in Pisces, your emotionalism will be sensitive. This will give you the opportunity to guess your partner's desires even before the latter expresses them. You'll be caring, affectionate and your sweetheart will be delighted by your tenderness. Your partner will do the same and pamper you in return.


    Extremely attentive to the people around you, you'll forge contacts during the day. But someone who likes you will take the bull by the horns and come towards you. You'll be surprised as you weren't expecting this passionate declaration, you'll let your heart do the talking and indulge in flirting.

    Sexy tip

    Treat him to a well-rehearsed strip-tease... You could almost apply for a job at the Moulin Rouge!


    Listen to your inner voice, which is telling you that your interlocutor is taking you for a ride! You have enough professional qualities for you not to just accept anything. Especially since one is trying to take you for a sucker.

    Your finances

    If you wish to replenish your accounts, think about garage sales or online selling sites. It'll give you a chance to sort through your cupboards and earn a pleasant amount of money. But don't spend this, even before you earn it!

    Your lucky number




    Your friends like you and they'll show you. You can expect a little surprise from them, which will warm up your heart.


    Suggest a plan for the day and establish activities. You'll do this with loved ones. They all will appreciate seeing you committed.

    Your saying

    "Exceeding your goal isn't reaching it." Confucius


    Make sure you don't indulge in excesses. Don't go overboard with drinks or jump on food, even if it looks tempting.

    Your color

    Pretty similar to black, night blue is a charming and elegant color on both your day and evening outfits.

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