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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- April 5th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your love life is living up to your expectations and, dare we say it, even exceeding them. You trust your partner with your life and don't know where you'd be without their love and support. Your sex life is hotting up and it feels like the honeymoon period all over again. You're taking good care of your appearance in order to ensure that your partner's eyes don't stray...


    A recent encounter is fast developing into the love story of the century. There is a chance that your friends or relatives have played a part in getting this budding romance off the ground so make sure you let them know how grateful you are. You truly believe you've met your soulmate and you're ready to do everything in your power to make them yours. That's the spirit!

    Sexy tip

    Why don't you try to control yourself in order to last longer in the bedroom? Switch positions when you're about to come: it's such a turn on!


    Your hard work is bearing fruits and you're proud of the progress you've made. You're as thick as thieves with your boss and you have every intention of staying in their good books. Just be careful that you don't get a reputation as teacher's pet from your teammates...

    Your finances

    Your fixed costs are on the rise and you're struggling to make ends meet. Your bank balance is in free fall and you're feeling ready to buckle under the weight of the pressure. It's about time you made some cutbacks to your family budget.

    Your lucky number




    You're always there for your friends in their hour of need. Just be careful not to put their needs before your own as your kindness could be taken advantage of.


    You're proud to be part of such a tight knit family and you know full well how lucky you all are. Just be careful when broaching any thorny issues today...

    Your saying

    « A friendship is the reunion of two similar souls » Alcuin


    You're being more strict with your eating habits and trying to get back in shape. You're keen to shift those excess pounds.

    Your color

    Crimson red will allow you to forget about gray skies!

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