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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- March 10th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Today, Neptune will make you take action just like a mine-clearing expert. In order to maintain the balance at home, you'll get rid of anything which could affect this. You'll ask your friends to come another day. You'll agree with your partner and will make sure you don't take any wrong initiatives.


    Your compliments will hit the mark. Just like a sniper, you'll always hit the bull's eye. You'll have all the elements to analyze your emotional goals properly. Today, you'll receive a call from extreme sensuality. You'll travel far to respond to an invitation, which you can't refuse.

    Sexy tip

    Sweet words will gradually become cruder... Enough to put you in the mood for it! You will catch yourself daydreaming about sex!


    You won't hesitate traveling many miles per day, to get an extremely well paid job. For you, the issue is more than worth it. You're going to do and re-do your calculations. The figures will talk themselves...

    Your finances

    The Venus-Mars planetary square will restrain your finances. After savant calculations, you'll realize that trips to work are beginning to get more and more expensive. Petrol price, tire wear and tear, etc.

    Your lucky number




    You'll strive to maintain strong ties with your friends. Even when you're away from a loved one, you'll regularly inquire about this person's well-being.


    You're not able to discipline yourself alone. Luckily today, you'll be supported by your family or your in laws!

    Your saying

    « Real needs are never too excessive » Jean-Jacques Rousseau


    Buddy Virgo, this Sunday you'll be good at all areas. Sun will strengthen your resistance with effort and it'll be obvious...

    Your color

    If you're not a big fan of shiny lipsticks, opt for an amber red one, going wonderfully well with brown hair and purple clothes and make-up.

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