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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- March 2nd, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    By laying your entire trust in your partner, your love making will be like a profession of belief. Buddy Virgo, you'll even favor the latter's guilty pleasures. This morning, the first hug will be important. You'll take the initiative to kiss your partner. The fervor of your kiss will show the extent of your passion.


    Today, you'll try to achieve mutuality in love. For this, you'll try to get familiar with debauched or naughty places. For your emotional life, you'll implement a true marketing strategy. Buddy Virgo, you owe what you achieve to your efforts and motivation.

    Sexy tip

    Scented essential oils will help you generate a relaxing atmosphere. Slowly massage his body with warm and scented oils...


    You'll have a very professional and clear goal: head towards a management position soon enough! It's your Holy Grail...All your actions will be aimed at this. Only your partner will be aware of this plan!

    Your finances

    Almost everyone dreams to be a millionaire or billionaire one day. As for you, things are a little different. You wish to live comfortably, without counting your money constantly: In a word: freedom!

    Your lucky number




    You won't want to be seen with some people. You'll be scared about other people's looks and their judgments! This will be your major fear for the day...


    A partner or several kids, a beautiful home and even a pet...Cliché for sure but it's your ideal family!

    Your saying

    « The world is a sea, our heart is its shore » Chinese saying


    A heavy breakfast, a light lunch, a fruit at 4 pm and soup in the evening. You'll burn all the fat.

    Your color

    Modern and classy, saffron yellow makes a nice change from black and gray.

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