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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- February 2nd, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You'll be fortunate enough to have a faithful partner who's set on making you feel happy and fulfilled. All the same, that won't stop a conflict from breaking out over how your shared finances are being put to use. In the end you'll find common ground.


    You might feel a strong need to confide in someone you trust today, and you'll do just that -- confide in a friend who happens to secretly have feelings for you. They might tell you how they feel, which might trouble you. But you'll realize that you too feel something that goes beyond friendship.

    Sexy tip

    Have you ever tried playing with ice cubes! They're so pleasurable! You will be better with your hands than with words.


    Your sacrifices at work today will pay off, and your superiors might have you in mind for a better position. But that doesn't mean your jealous colleagues won't be hostile.

    Your finances

    Don't be too condescending if you have to manage a financial negotiation today. If it's related to a sale or purchase, someone might be trying to manipulate or even scam you. Stay vigilant and firm.

    Your lucky number




    You'll discuss a big project with of your friends about making the world a better place. That said, you might fall into disagreement when you friend is held up by obligations to their partner or family.


    You want to buy a present for a nephew or niece, but that might make your kids jealous.

    Your saying

    « Doubt is the beginning of wisdom » Aristotle


    Some peer pressure might lead you to throw your healthy lifestyle resolutions right out the window.

    Your color

    An imperial yellow dress is the fashionable item of clothing to have.

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