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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- January 15th, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Jupiter will teach you how to get closer to your significant other today. You will do everything in your power to move your relationship to the next level this Tuesday. You will look for ways to blossom in your other half's company. The sky will give you the confidence needed to step out of your comfort zone and make exciting plans for the future with your partner!


    Venus in Sagittarius will give your self-confidence a boost. Full of energy, you will not be afraid to hit on somebody who has well and truly caught your eye today. You're not used to being so spontaneous in this domain! You normally spend hours asking yourself all kinds of questions before you do anything... It feels great, doesn't it? Your latest crush should accept to go on a date with you very soon!

    Sexy tip

    You're looking for an intellectual connection as well as physical attraction. But good sex is hard to find if you overthink everything...


    Your projects are moving in the right direction and you could be given the chance to climb up the professional ladder very soon. A new job and extra responsibilities aren't in the cards just yet, but everything indicates that they should be sooner rather than later!

    Your finances

    Keeping a close eye on your finances isn't good enough. Mars in Aries and in the house of your budget will force you to be proactive and change some of your spending habits today. Your ideas are worthless is they aren't put into practice!

    Your lucky number




    Neptune will turn you into a social butterfly filled with empathy. Kind and understanding by nature, you will effortlessly get much closer to your friends today.


    You're sensible enough to avoid arguing with the people in your family, even with Venus urging you to get a few things off your chest today!

    Your saying

    « Someone not on the right path is someone lost » Li Sao


    Your body is coping remarkably well with the cold weather this winter. You absolutely love how cozy your house is at this time of the year!

    Your color

    Vermilion red, girly and sensual, is great on your lips and nails. Take your pick!

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