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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- January 3rd, 2019 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your hard work is paying off in this domain! You and your partner are crazily in love with each other and your relationship is stronger than it's ever been today. You would happily spend the entire day chatting with your lover, by text if you can't always be in their company... But are you sure that's what they want too? Don't impose your views and listen to their ideas too!


    You find it easier to chat with strangers online... You see talking to people you don't know in real life as something so stressful! You like finding out more about your latest fling after each message they send. Going on a date with someone who you know plenty about is easier than with a complete stranger. You're not afraid to share some of your deepest secrets with this online crush of yours...

    Sexy tip

    You will shamelessly take up a few offers to enjoy yourself... Naughty, borderline perverse games will truly turn you on.


    Your rivals are waiting to pounce on one of your mistakes! You will not have the time to feel sorry for yourself today. Roll your sleeves up and don't give anyone an excuse to criticize you. Look for clever ways to save yourself some time if you can...

    Your finances

    You should receive plenty of good news in this domain, for a change! Someone who owes you money will pay you back a debt you had written off ages ago... Or could an unexpected amount of cash land in your bank account out of the blue?

    Your lucky number




    No, you're not being paranoid. There's a very good reason why that friend who you haven't seen for ages is trying to get back in touch with you today. They need your help...


    Keep a lid on your emotions when you're with your family please. You're sometimes far too honest for your own good, my Virgo friend. Saying the truth isn't always a good thing...

    Your saying

    "One person is missing, and your whole world feels empty." Alphonse de Lamartine


    Things are getting lively in pretty much every domain of your life... But you won't let that affect you! You should manage to keep your calm under all circumstances today.

    Your color

    Fresh and fashionable, avocado green will also make an appearance in your wardrobe.

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