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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- December 22nd, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your relationship is pretty healthy these days, apart from a couple of disagreements and arguments every now and then. You know that you can rely on your partner to find ways to spice up your sentimental routine. Several planets in Sagittarius will brighten up your love life. Your union is a lot stronger and less chaotic than you've been led to think recently.


    Only a relationship with someone who can understand your need for freedom and independence will allow you to blossom. You're not ready to let anyone stop you from doing the things you like. You love taking part in your favorite hobbies in your spare time. Take life one day at a time in this domain. You need to know someone very well before you fall in love with them...

    Sexy tip

    Sensual, intense and wild physical exchanges are the only thing that will make you happy. But make sure you don't use sex as a way to compensate for a lack of affection...


    You're optimistic about the future. Your ability to take calculated risks will help you move your career forward. You ask colleagues and friends for advice to make sure that you're not making a huge mistake in this domain. You'd love a career in sales...

    Your finances

    You're pretty sensible with money, but this is a very expensive time of the year. You simply have so many things to pay for before Christmas! You could get dangerously close to your overdraft today... Don't panic, things should soon be looking up in this domain!

    Your lucky number




    You could go out to celebrate the birthday of a distant relative today. You will be surprised to see how much you have in common with a member of your partner's family!


    You will get on particularly well with your aunts and uncles today. One of them will use their experience to help you move your career forward.

    Your saying

    "If you want to be loved, love." Seneca


    Your body is exhausted! Use your common sense: don't eat too much and treat yourself to an early night tonight.

    Your color

    Close to apricot-yellow, nankeen make-up will give your cheeks a bright and friendly look.

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