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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- November 4th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You won't let your partner get a word in edgeways today and, needless to say, it's starting to grate on them. You don't believe in beating round the bush but you're going a step too far at the moment. Resist the temptation to fly off the handle when your loved one doesn't follow your orders to the letter. Relationships are all about give and take.


    You're so wrapped up in your own thoughts that you're failing to see that a certain someone is giving you the eye. This is a shame as you could end up missing out on the opportunity of a lifetime. The stars are urging you to come back down to Earth and start taking note of what's going on around you. You might even be pleasantly surprised.

    Sexy tip

    A picnic? Don't forget to bring lube and sexy lingerie! A sprig of summer savory (plant of satyrs!) will turn you into a sex god.


    Your imagination is on fire but your concentration and organization skills are nowhere to be seen. This dangerous combination could lead you to make some disastrous errors at work today. You didn't read the small print in that new contract and the chances are you'll live to regret it.

    Your finances

    You're heading down a dangerous path with your spending at the moment and the stars are advising you to reel it in a bit. The unpaid bills are mounting and a problem with your car or home could leave you out of pocket later today. It's best to err on the side of caution for now.

    Your lucky number




    You've made a promise to a friend but you'll find it very hard to stick to your word today. Unforeseen circumstances have thrown a spanner in the works.


    Mercury is making you oversensitive and you could end up flying off the handle during a discussion with a relative. Your parents will try to talk some sense into you.

    Your saying

    "Life lasts as long whether you spend it laughing or crying." Japanese proverb


    Your ability to concentrate has gone out the window so be careful if you head to the gym. You could do yourself an injury if you don't watch your step.

    Your color

    A comforting and spiritual color, plum purple will look wonderful on your scarves and headscarves.

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