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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- September 14th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You'll hesitate for a long time before telling your partner that your high school sweetheart sent you a message. You won't have anything bad to lie to them about, but you'll be afraid that they'll think that you've been flirting behind their back. Above all, getting news from this person will stir up some emotions in you, even though you're sure of your love for your partner.


    Do your former love interests have some kind of sixth sense? You'll ask yourself the question quite seriously. Their getting in touch will be more practical than if they had a sudden intuition. They've noticed that you're confident and happy with yourself and that will make them want to see you again. But you won't share their desire to heat things up again.

    Sexy tip

    Tell him that you're all his if he undresses you... You're looking for passion, romance, a way out of your sexual comfort zone!


    You're focusing on a person who is causing you problems at work. You'll accuse them of everything they've done wrong. The best thing would be to act quickly, because they won't stop until you've set some boundaries.

    Your finances

    It's high time you've taken a look at your fixed costs and see whether you can decrease them. If you're thinking about making an investment, be careful, because you won't necessarily have a good picture of your financial future.

    Your lucky number




    You'll sense that you shouldn't confide much in this person who wants to be friends with you.


    You'll watch this family imbroglio quite closely, though from on high. You surely have something to say about it, but you'll opt for silence.

    Your saying

    "Peace isn't a gift from God to its servants. It's a gift we give to one another." Élie Wiesel


    The aches and pains you're feeling are in your head. You're afraid that you're coming down with something, but it's nothing.

    Your color

    If you're a brunette with light eyes, amethyst will intensify your beautiful eyes.

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