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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- July 8th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You could overstep the line and put your whole relationship at risk today. Your partner might discover that you've been texting or chatting online to someone else... And they will absolutely lose their mind! Fortunately, your union should be strong enough to survive such a horrid time... You're lucky to have such a forgiving and tolerant lover, trust us!


    Someone who you've been asking out recently is annoyed to find out about you dating other people while you're waiting for them to make their mind up! Not ideal, but you can salvage the situation by inviting that person out for a romantic dinner in one of the hottest venues in town...

    Sexy tip

    Stage the sexual act, create your own personal filming studio... Your desires must be fulfilled if you want to blossom in this domain.


    Your bosses could tell you off for trying to impose your ideas and projects on everybody else in the workplace! A more diplomatic approach would work much better, trust us...

    Your finances

    You're tight-fisted by nature, but you could spend a lot more money than you can actually afford this Sunday, much to everyone's surprise! It's not too late to cancel a huge purchase if you suffer from buyer's remorse... Or at least ask to pay for it in several installments!

    Your lucky number




    You and a friend cannot agree on what to do this Sunday. Try not to raise your voice! If you fall out, don't worry: you two should be able to make peace before you even know it.


    You can't believe that one of your parents has the audacity to criticize the way you raise your children. Ignore their negative comments if you don't want to end up at war with half of your family!

    Your saying

    "At the top of the mountain, the view is the same whichever way you look." Chinese proverb


    Keep a very close eye on your stress levels today. Being too nervous could cause chest palpitations and have a negative impact on your entire body.

    Your color

    An autumnal color, mustard goes wonderfully well with all shades of grays and kakis.

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