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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- June 18th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Under the planet Uranus, your couple is going to seem like athletics. Luckily, thanks to the positive impulses from this planet, you'll be good at sprinting and running the marathon. Your partner will be very demanding today. Fortunately, your motto will be: love, please and serve!


    For you and only for you, the Moon-Saturn trine will appear in the guise of a roper. Be very attentive today as you're going to meet someone who is in keeping with your desires. Once you see this person, you'll need to hasten and follow the latter diligently. Buddy Virgo, you'll be filled with devouring enthusiasm.

    Sexy tip

    Let your hair down, leave your complexes and taboos aside: success guaranteed! Allow yourself to run riot in the bedroom, forget about your inhibitions!


    The Moon-Saturn trine will make you wily. If you work shifts, your boss might ask you to change teams for several months and even work at night, at least temporarily. You'll be rewarded for your flexibility.

    Your finances

    Moon and Saturn make up a trine. Today, you'll try to look poorer than you actually are in reality. With money, it's better to be pitied than envied! If this can help avoid a burglary, it's worth it...

    Your lucky number




    Nothing better than Moon to boost your social life. As you're nice to everybody, you'll receive a lot of invitations today.


    You'll retain a completely impeccable image in your family. Just like a guide, you'll be able to lead your family to a secure path.

    Your saying

    « A young person should study wisdom, an old one should put his findings into practice » Jean-Jacques Rousseau


    Today the Moon-Saturn trine will make you smile. This will help remain in good shape all day long!

    Your color

    Indigo takes over black or brown as the color to apply on your eyes!

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