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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- June 16th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your suspicious mind will ruin your life. With Saturn's opposition, your marital relationship will seem like quicksand. Scalded by a few misfortunes, you're going to build a wall which is practically impenetrable. Today, you're going to try and keep distance with your partner.


    Buddy singleton, it's not easy making the right choice when one is a hopeless romantic! Under the chaotic impulses of Mercury and Saturn, you're going to have more than one iron in the fire. Today, it won't be easy to hunt! Indeed, you're going to come back empty-handed. You'll bite off more than you can chew...

    Sexy tip

    You're literally addicted to the taste of his skin! You want to eat him alive. An unforgettably delightful night is on the cards!


    Your professional humor could lack spontaneity and therefore the atmosphere won't be great at work. Looks like you'll be very skeptical and you won't let anything slip by you.

    Your finances

    Your financial situation can't get better as you're not able to handle the most important things. So, you spend money on pointless items and when you receive reminders through mail, it's a dry spell!

    Your lucky number




    In friendship, vacillation doesn't help. That's the way it is. Under Saturn's opposition, you're going to be showered with rebukes!


    Your grocery list will look like a station of the cross. You won't be able to make out the items your partner has added.

    Your saying

    « Try your best to live well and remember that each day is like a whole life in itself » Seneca


    You'll be hyper-sensitive. It'll be mainly your impatience which will play tricks on you this Saturday.

    Your color

    A plum-colored mascara, very soft and trendy, goes well on all types of eyes.

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