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Virgo Daily Horoscope

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- May 15th, 2018 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You feeling like breaking the routine you have going with your partner. You feel like the repetition is spoiling your relationship. It'll be up to you to be creative and to submit your ideas to your sweetheart. There's a good chance that they'll be in agreement with you about jumping into your crazy little ideas.


    You want to get off the beaten track and meet different people. You like your haunts and habits, but today you realize that they're holding you back. Your thirst for the unknown may well be quenched by a passionate encounter. It's up to you to take interest. You have a lot to learn from it.

    Sexy tip

    Give him a Thai massage! He will come back for seconds! Rough one second and gentle the next, there's nothing better to turn him on.


    You lack neither original ideas nor power of conviction in your work. You'll be creative and able to find the perfect innovative solutions to your problems. You'll score points, but stay modest in your victory.

    Your finances

    If you need advice or to borrow money, this Tuesday might be a good day to get in touch with people. But you're going have to talk about it with people. Don't be inhibited - the results will be worth it.

    Your lucky number




    You may feel like some of your friends are preventing you from moving forward and getting the start you dream of. It's up to you to take the necessary actions: talking to them, or getting some distance.


    Expect to be very satisfied with your family this Tuesday. They'll be there for you, and you can confide in them about anything you need to talk about.

    Your saying

    « Life is a gift. Look after it » Mother Theresa


    Don't let yourself get infected by that touch of anxiety. Ask yourself whether there's really a good reason to arrive at this point, whereas the solutions are right there.

    Your color

    Urban and casual, slate-gray goes really well with all types of reds.

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