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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- May 5th, 2022 -

  • Astro news

    Astro news

    The planets are giving you the opportunity to make changes in all domains of your life. The way you express yourself requires some much-needed changes.

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Good decisions will be made, but you will need the green light from your other half first. Complicity finally returns to strengthen your union. These are major decisions and you are waiting for the endorsement of the person who matters the most in the world! This day is ideal to address everything that needs to be dealt with and think about your future together!


    There is no change. You've been hoping to find that special someone for a long time, but he or she remains nowhere to be seen. Saturn continues to cool your feelings down! You're desperate to change your situation, but try not to force fate. Let people come to hit on you and make you feel desired. You must learn how to compromise in order to find love.

    Love advice

    You and your other half are obviously very close to each other. But he or she may criticize some of your habits today... Nothing too bad, you just need to add a bit of spice to your little routine! Uranus will stay in your sign for a long time and force you to make small tweaks that will help you take your relationship to the next level!



    Compromises will be welcome on the professional front. Take care of your usual tasks for the time being. Routine is well and truly on the menu in this domain right now. Make sure you stay in a job that is likely to bring you satisfaction soon...

    Your finances

    Money matters occupy your thoughts. You need to be careful with your purchases. Let go of these worries, as you are stressed and exhausted. You're terrified of running out of cash! Listen to the advice of your loved ones when it comes to how to run your finances.


    Health & wellbeing

    A sporting activity is recommended. It will help you relax following a very stressful day. Just remember to warm up properly beforehand and pace yourself, okay?


    Friends & family

    Without realizing it, your generosity can make people close to you nervous. Avoid poking your nose in other people's business, as this quickly irritates them.

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