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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- May 26th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You and your other half just aren't on the same wavelength at the moment, there are no two ways about it. Your differences of opinion are driving a wedge between you and causing you to doubt the future of this love story. Venus in Gemini is causing you to get your wires crossed and it won't be easy to get the situation back on an even keel.


    Mars is spurring you into action and encouraging you to take the bull by the horns in your love life. If you wait for that special person to make the first move then you could be waiting a very long time indeed! Put your fears of rejection to one side and strike up a conversation with them. Jupiter will help you to come out of your shell.

    Sexy tip

    Do it in front of a mirror... It's so exciting and sensual! Stare at him... And at yourself while you're having sex!


    Uranus has a nasty habit of putting you in uncomfortable situations at work as a way of testing your reactions. Try to keep your cool and don't let emergencies and changes of plan destabilize you. At least the full Moon is helping you to keep your head on your shoulders.

    Your finances

    No less than four planets in your finance sector is a clear indication that changes are underway. You have no qualms in working extra hours and weekends in order to make some cash on the side and are keeping your eyes peeled for lucrative opportunities.

    Your lucky number




    If a friend offers to help you out in your hour of need then please accept their offer. Two heads are better than one so there's no need to suffer in silence.


    You're leading by example in your home life as you firmly believe in practicing what you preach. Your positive energies always hit the right spot.

    Your saying

    « Pick a job you like and you will enjoy getting up every morning » Confucius


    Your lifestyle could do with an overhaul and there really is no time like the present. It's time to say goodbye to those bad habits.

    Your color

    Yellow ocher goes so well with darker skins! Who can resist this golden honey look?

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