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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- May 18th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The bond between you and your loved one is growing stronger by the day. Venus in Gemini won't make life easy for you but you've staying focused on your objectives and your love for each other will prevail. You both agree that you've been stuck in a rut recently and have vowed to make more time for passion, romance and bedroom activities. You won't regret it!


    You're keen to breathe some new life into your romance sector and set the wheels in motion with a certain someone. You've fallen hook, line and sinker for this special someone's charms and it's clear to see that the feeling is mutual. You share the same values, same interests and same hopes and dreams for the future so it's a very promising start indeed.

    Sexy tip

    You will fantasize about what you won't be able to do with your dream lover... Switch styles: be submissive one second, and dominant the next...


    You're sick and tired of sticking to the rulebook and will decide to follow your instincts instead today. You're taking matters into your own hands and making some well-overdue changes in the workplace. You may even decide to take on some extra training.

    Your finances

    You enjoy life's luxuries as much as the next person but unfortunately your finances won't stretch that far today. Saturn is throwing a spanner in the works, financially speaking, and you'll have no choice but to live on the breadline until further notice. Ouch...

    Your lucky number




    Mercury is helping you to look on the bright side and take the highs with the lows when it comes to your friendships. Your social diary is looking up!


    Steer clear of any thorny issues during a conversation with a relative today. You won't see eye to eye and it's really not a battle worth fighting.

    Your saying

    « There's only one type of love, but thousands of ways to achieve it » La Rochefoucauld


    A lack of clarity in your thought process will prevent you from making the most of today's opportunities. Get an early night for goodness sake!

    Your color

    Red is in fashion: such a wonderful hair color is able to warm up the palest of complexions!

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