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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- April 2nd, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You feel the need to have an important conversation with your significant other. Talking about what you two aren't happy with anymore should do your relationship a world of good. Simply try not to blow meaningless problems out of proportion! Mars makes you incredibly stubborn... Even more so than usual! Learn how to compromise.


    With the Moon/Neptune square, someone you like is highly likely to disappoint you this Friday. A date you were looking forward to could be cancelled at the very last minute! Ah well, enjoy a well-deserved night in instead. The trine formed between your Moon and the Sun/Venus duo helps you put your problems into perspective.

    Sexy tip

    You will shamelessly take up a few offers to enjoy yourself... Naughty, borderline perverse games will truly turn you on.


    The beautiful sextile formed between Saturn and the Sun allows you to keep your emotions under control. Mercury, sextile Pluto, makes it very easy for you to understand exactly what is expected from you in the workplace. Show what you're capable of!

    Your finances

    The Moon/Mars opposition will have a negative impact on your finances. Being forced to deal with an unexpected emergency will seriously stress you out! Keep a cool head at all costs. Mars is trying its best to test your patience!

    Your lucky number




    Under the Moon/Neptune square, be careful not to let any of your so-called friends take advantage of you. Ignore anyone who you feel isn't totally genuine!


    Spending time at home with your family never fails to cheer you up and reassure you. Your loved ones make it so easy for you to relax and forget about your problems!

    Your saying

    "Living is learning how to love." Abbé Pierre


    Mars makes you stubborn and Neptune tends to send you the wrong way... Slow down, you're not as resistant as you think!

    Your color

    Toffee brown and camel yellow is in fashion when it comes to blazers and trousers.

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