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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- March 10th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You love spending time at home with your partner! You two are literally inseparable at the minute. You truly know how to keep each other's spirits up! You enjoy the simple things in life. Cooking a delightful dinner for your significant other is your idea of the dream date night. Passion is on the menu! You're such an old-school romantic, my Taurus friend.


    Luck is on your side, my single friend. You could fall in love with a complete stranger! But you're terrified of not being able to control your feelings... You find it very hard to trust new people. Fortunately, one of your friends should vouch for your latest crush! Be yourself at all times. You're a lot more charming than you think... You're going to attract so much attention today!

    Sexy tip

    You will try your best to be as efficient as possible in the bedroom! Why don't you pretend it's your first time together? Reliving the past can be exciting...


    You could be asked to work as part of a team. You enjoy cooperating with one of your colleagues in particular. But keep your cards close to your chest... He or she could steal your ideas! A challenging day is in the cards. Don't let your guard down!

    Your finances

    Saving up is your priority. You keep a very close eye on your finances at all times. Small streams become great rivers, as the French would say! Making changes to the way you manage your money wouldn't be a bad idea. Are your bills too high? Could you repay a loan early?

    Your lucky number




    You're scared to tell one of your friends exactly what you think of them. But they'll never know what they did to upset you if you're not honest!


    Your family really knows how to get under your skin... Keep your cool at all times. You're becoming slightly too impatient for your own good.

    Your saying

    "Look for freedom and you will become slave to your desires. Look for discipline and you will find freedom." Koan zen


    Taking the time to relax cannot ever be a bad idea. You'd love an evening of doing nothing at all!

    Your color

    Warm your hair color with a hazel dye, perfect to give your head a delicious chestnut-brown look!

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