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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- March 9th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You pay a lot of attention to your partner. You're obsessed with making them happy! But please remember to look after yourself too. You've been pretty stressed and irritable in the past few days. Relax and calm yourself down. Reconsider your sentimental priorities. Listen to your significant other more carefully.


    You're interested in one of your friends... You cannot stop fantasizing over them, to tell you the truth! You'd love to know what sleeping with that person feels like. But you're terrified of rejection! Don't be afraid to pursue your desires, my single friend. Pluck up the courage to tell that person exactly how you feel about them. What have you got to lose?

    Sexy tip

    You try to keep every single thing under control in the bedroom. Why don't you just go with the flow for once? Get rid of your taboos! Dare to ask unusual questions...


    You work incredibly hard, but you regularly clash with some of your collaborators. You could be offered a surprising promotion today. One of your colleagues has unexpectedly quit their job! Do everything you can to stay in your boss's good books...

    Your finances

    You'd love to earn more money! Saving up must become your priority in this domain. You want to treat yourself to new clothes or decorative items for your home. Don't be so impulsive! Look at your bank balance before buying anything you don't need.

    Your lucky number




    You're not as close as you used to be to one of your friends. That's life! Try not to feel too sorry for them. Remember why you two fell out in the first place.


    Relax and enjoy a nice meal with your family. Invite one of your closest relatives for dinner tonight. He or she will truly like that, trust us!

    Your saying

    "He who wants to do something finds a way. He who doesn't finds an excuse." Arabic proverb


    You love food! Eating is one of your favorite pastimes. Be careful not to put too much weight on...

    Your color

    If you're not a big fan of kaki, think about a softer olive green color for your handbag.

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