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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- February 19th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You feel like your partner is making all sorts of decisions behind your back or on your behalf these days... And you're not wrong, my Taurus friend! You're not happy with most of their choices, but they don't mean to hurt or annoy you on purpose, don't worry. Ignore those meaningless issues instead of blowing them out of proportion, for a change.


    This isn't the right time to meet new people or get back in touch with any of your exes. You could start thinking that it's your fault if you keep attracting people who don't deserve your trust and always let you down in the end... And you could be right, to be completely honest with you! Maybe try to fall in love with a different type of person?

    Sexy tip

    The spotlight will be put on your fantasies, expect a truly memorable day! You could decide to do it in your car, in a public carpark at rush hour!


    Learn how to cooperate with your colleagues if you want to complete a tricky task on time. Unity is strength, remember! Being able to work efficiently as part of a team will help you move towards your objectives sooner than anticipated.

    Your finances

    Mars in your sign will give you the confidence needed to make a phone call or send a letter asking for a sum of money you're legally entitled to. Your bank balance should receive a nice little boost sooner rather than later, much to your delight. Well done!

    Your lucky number




    Neptune will encourage you to make fantastic memories with your friends today. You and your best buddies are very much into spirituality!


    One of your grandparents is very impressed with the way you educate your children. They taught you how to be open-minded from a young age!

    Your saying

    "One can know the virtue of a man by looking at his flaws." Confucius


    You're exhausted, but you can't sleep at night under the dissonances coming from Aquarius. Beware of muscular cramps too.

    Your color

    Mint green eye shadow will give you wonderfully refreshing and bright eyes.

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