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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- January 15th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You love your partner with all your heart and can't imagine life without them. You feel happy and secure in their presence and you have every faith that this love story is the real deal. That said, you also value your independence and don't feel the need to live in your partner's pockets every second of the day. Less is more, as they say!


    Saturn is giving you plenty of energy and you'll be sure to put it to good use in your love life. You believe in striking whilst the iron's hot as you wouldn't want miss an opportunity with someone who may well turn out to be your soulmate. Your prayers will be answered this afternoon when that special someone suggests a romantic date for this evening.

    Sexy tip

    Fireworks cannot be expected on every single night! You're looking for affection rather than amazing sex today.


    You'll make the mistake of mixing business with pleasure today by helping a friend or your partner to get hired by your employer. You'll soon see the error of your ways when the person in question starts to discuss your personal life with your colleagues. Ouch...

    Your finances

    The Sun is helping you to keep your head on your shoulder when it comes to your finances. You're looking to the long term and trying to build a comfortable future even if that means making some sacrifices in the short term. Fingers crossed for some good news on the work front.

    Your lucky number




    You are advised to proceed with caution in your friendships today as Venus is laying out some traps for you. Stick to your own devices as much as possible.


    You've decided to stop throwing your weight around at home and instead let your loved ones get a word in edgeways. You've learnt from your mistakes...

    Your saying

    "The smile you give always comes back to you." Hindu proverb


    Saturn is helping you to pull your finger out and get stuck in to the day. You've got so much energy that you can barely sit still.

    Your color

    Incredibly sexy, crimson red will seriously spice up your wardrobe!

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