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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- January 12th, 2021 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You've had enough of routine and monotony in your love life and have decided to pull your finger out and start making some changes for the better. Unfortunately your partner sees no issues in your home life and doesn't seem keen on stepping outside of their comfort zone. You're feeling stifled in this relationship and are craving the freedom of your single days.


    Jupiter is causing you to be reckless when it comes to your romantic endeavors. You've been getting on like a house on fire with a certain someone recently but you'll undo all of your hard work in a single day by giving off mixed signals. You'll end up kicking yourself by tomorrow when you find yourself back at square one.

    Sexy tip

    Don't hesitate to use food during sex! Whipped cream, champagne... In a cheeky mood, you want to eat your partner alive!


    There are plenty of snakes hiding in the bushes at work so be very careful where you tread. Dear Taurus, you don't like being criticized and even less so when the criticisms come from your superiors. You'll decide to stick to your own devices for the rest of the day.

    Your finances

    Planetary dissonances and negative vibes from Jupiter spell bad news for your finances. You may even end up coming to blows with your banker or credit card company as a result of your careless spending. You've clearly lost sight of the value of money.

    Your lucky number




    You don't see eye to eye with your partner's best friend as they have a habit of rubbing you up the wrong way. The less you see of them the better.


    If one of your parents has recently remarried then you are to expect some differences of opinion in your clan today. It won't be an easy ride.

    Your saying

    "The wise man can discover the world without leaving his home. He sees without looking, and achieves without acting." Laozi


    You've got a lot on today and may feel like you're drowning in unfinished tasks. The less said the better, in actual fact...

    Your color

    Classy and chic, lead white goes well with black and gray for a very trendy outfit.

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