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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- October 19th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    You feel very tired... But the excellent Venus/Jupiter transit, still present in your sentimental sky, takes good care of your relationship. You're so close to your significant other at the minute! You couldn't imagine life without them... You feel like you're living the love story you've always dreamt of! You just feel so lucky with what you've got...


    Jupiter in a positive aspect with Venus makes you happy, but its opposition with Neptune could cause you to chase pipe dreams if you're not careful enough! You can be slightly too naive for your own good at times in this domain. No, your latest crush isn't as perfect as you think... Far from it, my single friend!

    Sexy tip

    Don't be shy, you would miss out on unknown feelings and sensations. Your partner must be extremely patient and caring.


    The Sun/Saturn square in this domain could cause you to run out of energy and motivation in the workplace. Your colleagues cannot believe how pessimistic you are! It's really not like you to feel so down... Pull yourself together! We all have bad days, my Taurus friend.

    Your finances

    You're in the mood to treat yourself to a few days away. Just looking a flights and hotels is enough to put you in a good mood! But make sure you can actually afford this much-needed trip... Don't go somewhere that's too expensive for your budget!

    Your lucky number




    Seeing your friends never fails to cheer you up! You're slightly too impatient these days. Being with those people helps you relax and calm yourself down.


    You love observing people. You know everything about everyone's lives! Venus helps you get along with your entire family. Your loved ones all want to see you today.

    Your saying

    "Difficulties help you see who you real friends are." Chinese proverb


    Getting along with everyone helps you forget about how tired and bored of your current job you are. It feels great being so popular!

    Your color

    Copper-colored satin lingerie is THE thing to wear for a perfect autumnal look.

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