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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- October 9th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    The transit of Mercury in your sentimental sky forms two positive aspects, one with Venus and the other with the Moon. You and your partner are fully aware of how much you need each other right now! Communication is key to a healthy relationship, and don't know just know it! You two don't even need words to understand each other at times...


    The beautiful Moon/Venus aspect puts you in a fantastic mood. You're optimistic about the future in this domain, my single friend! The sky really wants to help you make the right choice as far as your sentimental life is concerned. Make the most of what life has to offer. You shouldn't struggle to attract your fair share of attention without even trying to!

    Sexy tip

    Relaxing music, aphrodisiac scents and sweet words whispered into your ear will stimulate all of your senses. Silky sheets and a romantic atmosphere... What more could you ask for?


    Under the perfect Moon/Uranus sextile present in your sign, you're the star of the office this Friday! You know how to solve every problem you're faced with in less time that it takes to say it! Your original ideas are also incredibly popular. Well done!

    Your finances

    You're normally very sensible with money, but you could lose touch with reality in this domain today. You're prone to spending cash you haven't got on things you don't need, which is really unlike you! Where has your rational self gone?

    Your lucky number




    You can't wait to have fun with your friends tonight! Just thinking about the food you're going to get puts you in such a good mood... You know how to enjoy yourself!


    Your family is your world! You find spending time with your loved ones very relaxing and rewarding. You're always there for those people whenever they need you.

    Your saying

    "He who has a house only has one. He who has none, has a thousand." Hindu proverb


    You really are the best version of yourself today. You've rarely been so charming! Well done.

    Your color

    Bronze make-up on eyelids, cheeks and even lips will go well on dark skins!

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