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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- September 15th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    According to the stars, time strengthens ties. Your partner surprises you, the desire to bring your couple closer is stronger than ever. Your sweetheart wants to commit but you're still reluctant. In your case, patience and courage will be your best allies, question is if your partner agrees with your choices.


    The native Taurus singleton was widely talked about for a long time. Your natural sensuality is bewitching, stars see that one notices you. Many people look while walking by, you don't leave anyone indifferent. To your surprise, great love may knock on your door. Hold on.

    Sexy tip

    Words can chill you out and turn you on when used appropriately! Feeling your warm breath on his body will turn your partner on...


    You receive many praises from your superiors. Your skills are acknowledged for their true worth. You go past a new milestone. You resume self-confidence, it's important to continue making efforts. Your professional life takes an unexpected turn.

    Your finances

    This is the time to make decisions. Investing in real-estate or investing in general to yield profit. Your banker calls you but it's for a good reason. A promising surprise awaits you. You prepare for the future.

    Your lucky number




    This is the time to support your best friend. Your presence helps your friend deal with this tough situation. You're ready for just anything to cheer this person up.


    A family reunion is on the agenda. Minds warm up. You get a control on things. You soothe the tensions masterfully.

    Your saying

    « Wealth gives legs to cripples, beauty to monsters and interest to tears » Armenian saying


    How about making most of this first week to establish a balanced meal plan?

    Your color

    Opt for a cerulean blue and you will feel galvanized!

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