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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- August 1st, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Anything's possible, but you should be a bit careful in your relationship. The Sun/Uranus square will have an impact on your family sector, and people might be quick to react. There's some agitation that's putting a damper on the enthusiasm brought by the Moon.


    You feel all shook up, but you're a Taurus, and you'll face up to the challenge. The Moon/Uranus trine will help you change up your routine. This is a welcome change, but it might bring with it a certain naivete.

    Sexy tip

    Share a hot and sensual bath together... Amazing sex isn't your priority today. You simply want to create a sensual and voluptuous atmosphere at home.


    You're more flexible and adaptable. Your relationships with your colleagues are surprising. But Mercury's negative aspects are making it hard for you to concentrate. Try to avoid any tasks that demand precision.

    Your finances

    Here's a sector where everything is going just fine, thanks to Venus. Your discernment and prudence are priceless, as today shows.

    Your lucky number




    Your charm is working its magic, and your friends are surprised by your looks. You want to party!


    You're critical of your family members. Try to be more tolerant.

    Your saying

    « He who throws nettle at his neighbor will see it grow in his own garden » Russian saying


    You're energetic and healthy, but somewhat off balance. Your relations with your family members leave something to be desired.

    Your color

    Pomegranate red will give you insanely sexy lips... That everyone will want to kiss!

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