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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- July 31st, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your relationship is supported. You and your partner should have a productive conversation about money. You're in the mood to start saving up. Try not to make mountains out of molehills! You're desperate for stability as far as your finances are concerned. Listen to what your other half is trying to say: your situation isn't as bad as you think!


    You dream of a beautiful love story! But the lover of your dreams isn't going to magically appear into your life... Treat yourself to a makeover if you can. Never stop believing in yourself! You're incredibly charming in a very unique way... But you love taking your time! You're very picky when it comes to finding your soul mate...

    Sexy tip

    Ginseng, black pepper, chili... Those ingredients could give your libido a boost! A massage with scented oils will send you straight to heaven!


    You're excited to attend a training course. You love learning new skills! You'll soon be in a position to move your career forward, you're convinced of it. Your routine is seriously boring you. Go talk to your boss if you're so unhappy! Trust yourself and your abilities.

    Your finances

    Find clever ways to save yourself a bit of money, my Taurus friend. Have you tried paying for something big in several installments? You could also be tempted to look for a second job. You're desperate to give your income a boost!

    Your lucky number




    You always give your friends unsolicited advice... You're only trying to help, but they're sick of it! You feel so misunderstood at the minute.


    Heated exchanges are on the menu. A parent puts you in a very awkward situation... They ask you to side with someone you don't really like!

    Your saying

    « The path to wisdom or freedom is a path that leads you to discovering your true self » Mircea Eliade


    You're in the mood to make healthy changes to your diet and lifestyle. Getting fit is your number one priority!

    Your color

    You're not sure about wearing green? Take the plunge, you can't go wrong with yellowish-green!

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