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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- July 26th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    A day during which you will enjoy doing odd jobs around the house with your partner! You love using your hands, my Taurus friend. You two are still incredibly in love with each other. This is the perfect time to remind your other half exactly how much they mean to you. Your relationship is healthier than you think. Change some of your habits. Your routine is so boring!


    Uranus could change your life forever. You're terrified of commitment and giving up your freedom is out of the question. A casual affair could be encouraged today. You're in a flirty mood. Spending time with friends is enough to keep you happy, or that's what you think... You could feel uncontrollably attracted to someone in particular!

    Sexy tip

    Give him a Thai massage! He will come back for seconds! Rough one second and gentle the next, there's nothing better to turn him on.


    You don't like taking risks in the workplace... But your bosses have a real challenge in store for you! Show what you're capable of and grab the chance to move your career forward while it's there. Stop being afraid of failure. Trust yourself and your abilities.

    Your finances

    You know what they say, you get what you pay for... And that's why you like spending a lot of money on top-of-the-range products! Show some common sense and stop spending your cash like there's no tomorrow. This isn't the time to go furniture shopping!

    Your lucky number




    Take the time to look after yourself. Your friends aren't really listening to you at the minute. Know your worth and stay away from people who don't deserve you.


    Someone in your family needs your moral support! You're happy to go out of your way to help them deal with their problems. You know how to warm their little heart up!

    Your saying

    « Exploring your mind is similar to digging a well. Water is pretty cloudy at first, before becoming a lot clearer » Chinese saying


    Give various relaxation techniques, such as yoga for example, a try. It'll help you bring more inner peace into your life.

    Your color

    Blood red lipstick will make you look so classy and sophisticated!

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