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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- July 24th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Look for ways to spice up your relationship! Routine has well and truly settled down in this domain. Your partner wants you to realize that your life isn't as exciting as it once was. Don't be afraid to try out new experiences in the bedroom! Fulfilling some of your most secret fantasies will help you move your relationship in the right direction. Trust your intuition and explore new horizons!


    You have to adopt a much more positive mindset in order to find love. Stop thinking about the past, get over this poisonous ex of yours! Time is one your side in this domain. Make new friends, one of them could become the perfect lover sooner than you think. Don't start doubting yourself. Your best buddies should introduce you to new faces this Friday.

    Sexy tip

    Turn him on by explaining him in details what he's in for tonight! Surprise your other half by asking him to switch roles for a change.


    You're excited to go to work! You've so many different things to do... But a lack of organization around you could slow you down. You're tired and frustrated. Take longer breaks. It's impossible to get rid of a colleague once they start talking, so avoid them at all costs!

    Your finances

    You make a pretty good living, my Taurus friend. Running out of money isn't something you're worried about. You can afford to take part in your favorite hobbies. You're sensible enough not to waste too much cash on things you don't need.

    Your lucky number




    You look for quality over quantity in this domain. You don't want to see more than two or three great friends. You love feeling so close to those people.


    Be creative, look for unusual ways to spend time with your loved ones. You get on with your entire family at the minute. A delightful day is in the cards!

    Your saying

    « Misery isn't a shame, but being ashamed of it is a misery » Turkish saying


    Your lifestyle is pretty intense... You're running out of gas, both mentally and physically speaking!

    Your color

    A yellow similar to the color of sand or tobacco will go wonderfully well on brunettes after the summer.

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