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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- July 1st, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your relationship isn't exactly restful! An energy-filled Uranus stays in your sign for the foreseeable future. Your personality is even stronger than usual on this opening day on the month. You're more stubborn than ever before! Thankfully, your other half is incredibly patient. Avoid shouting at them though... And don't go sulking if they get annoyed with you!


    Don't do anything at all if you want to find love! Be yourself, Uranus brings intense emotions your way on this opening day of the month. You could literally fall in love at first sight with a complete stranger. You'd never felt that way before! But those intense feelings could go away in next to no time... A short-lived romance is in the cards. Just what you wanted!

    Sexy tip

    Why don't you invite a few sex toys under the quilt in order to lighten the mood in the bedroom? Don't be afraid to express your emotions, fantasies and desires.


    You find your job stressful. You work hard with very little to show for it. You feel like you're wasting your time. Take regular breaks in order to bring your stress levels down. How can you work well when you're a ball of nerves?

    Your finances

    Your finances aren't anything to shout about. Money comes and goes. You're unable to save up. You spend most of your wages on gadgets... You could also splash the cash on trying to impress your latest crush. Be very careful...

    Your lucky number




    Your strong personality loves telling people what to do. You can be rude to your friends. You're too impulsive for your own good at times. Calm yourself down!


    Your family relationships are worryingly complex. You feel so misunderstood! Be as patient as you can. Communicate with your loved ones, you'll feel better for it.

    Your saying

    « The wisdom of life is always deeper and greater than the wisdom of mankind » Maxime Gorki


    Taking part in a low-impact physical activity would do you a lot of good. But you could fall or suffer a sprain when out walking...

    Your color

    Halfway between taupe and brown, lovat green is the new color in for your nails.

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