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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- June 10th, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    With Uranus in charge, you won't hesitate to change certain habits, especially if your relationship has sunk into routine. This change will be positive as long as it doesn't lead you into a dispute with your partner.


    Even if this encounter doesn't change your life, it will still be nice. Neptune is making you charming; just don't be too demanding with this date, because things could suddenly end.

    Sexy tip

    Talking about the most intimate of your desires will be a good way to keep the night going... Don't bother with clothes... They'll soon end up on the floor!


    It's not easy to keep pursuing your goals. You have timing problems; projects may stall midway. If you're offered something new, make sure to read the contract first.

    Your finances

    Jupiter in Capricorn is a good sign when it comes to making more money and managing your finances better. It will also help if you're negotiating a loan.

    Your lucky number




    This Gemini sky will make you a perfect friend.


    You're outraged by a family member who is sticking their nose where it doesn't belong, or by a child who refuses to lend a hand, and you'll react aggressively.

    Your saying

    « A way to measure love is the ability to love without measure » Saint-Augustine


    Uranus guarantees you a lot of energy, but you might be at risk of allergies, insomnia, or an elevated heart rate.

    Your color

    Warm and smooth, pumpkin orange will go wonderfully well on brown-haired individuals.

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