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Taurus Daily Horoscope

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- May 31st, 2020 -

  • LOVE

    In a relationship

    Your partner certainly can't say that you're not putting the effort in at the moment, both inside and outside of the bedroom. The Moon-Jupiter trine is breathing new life into your relationship and so far it clearly seems to be working. Dear Taurus, your efforts are being rewarded and you're determined to continue making improvements.


    The positive effects of the Moon and the Sun are turning you into a sex machine! You're oozing sex appeal and your love interests can't take their eyes off of you. You have high hopes for your love life today and the chances are you won't be disappointed. Your skills of seduction know no bounds and you'll waste no time in using them to your advantage.

    Sexy tip

    The answer will be a resounding YES, but only if you don't waste any time! Don't let an exciting and unexpected opportunity slip through your fingers.


    You're keen to try your hand at new skills and activities in order to broaden your knowledge of the industry. You'll even offer to shadow your boss or even the boss of another department in order to see the company from a different perspective.

    Your finances

    If you've applied for a loan in order to cover the cost of a new car or home repairs then you can expect good news today. Jupiter is giving your finances a nudge in the right direction so there is a high chance that your request will be given the go-ahead. Make sure you thank your lucky stars!

    Your lucky number




    You enjoying being active and meeting interesting people from different backgrounds and walks of life. Every day is a new adventure and you can't wait to find out what this one has in store.


    You're the life and soul of the party and your relatives will all be vying for your attention today. You'll have an endless stream of visitors on the doorstep.

    Your saying

    « Sadness is like a big treasure: you never know how deep it can go » Madagascan saying


    Moderation is the key to your healthy body and mind. You eat clean, don't smoke, rarely drink and always try to get your daily exercise in.

    Your color

    Sexy and innocent, bright pink is great for your lips if your skin is pale.

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